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Surveillance Solutions

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Surveillance Solutions

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Surveillance Solutions – Tailored To Your Specific Requirements

At Fone Alarm Group we aim to provide our clients with the solutions they require to provide for their continued security, safety and wellbeing.  Our services are dynamic in nature and are delivered by our own in-house specialists who will always operate within all aspects of the law (Investigatory Powers Act 2016) and in an ethical manner.

Whether your requirement involves a criminal or civil case, whether you are an individual or organisation, we will work with you to gain a full understanding of the issues involved and advise you of the most appropriate surveillance techniques to achieve your requirement.

You will be assigned a specific Surveillance Investigation Officer (SIO) who will liaise directly with you, reporting within agreed parameters to set time frames.

Should you require it we will also we will attend court proceedings and present evidence on your behalf, where we have been retained to do so.

With a thorough understanding of the need for discretion at all times we provide a full range of surveillance services including but not limited to:


  • Activity Observation, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Asset/Wealth Assessments
  • CCTV system design and installation
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Fraud
  • Infidelity
  • Insurance/Personal Injury Fraud
  • Residential Cohabitation
  • Theft
  • Tracing Services

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Over the last forty years we have had the privilege of working with/alongside some of the biggest names in the rail and construction sectors.  Below are a handful of those that have provided us with that opportunity:

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