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Close Protection

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Close Protection

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Close Protection Services – A Tailored Solution For Each Situation

At Fone Alarm Group our Close Protection services are specifically designed to protect those individuals who may be exposed to increased risk as a result of their; status, fame, wealth, employment or simply as the result of the environment in which they are operating.

We also understand that our clients will have differing requirements and as such, from the onset, we will undertake a security survey and a joint risk and threat assessment in order to ensure that the services we offer you are tailored to your specific needs and meet your expectations.

Our Close Protection Officers are highly experienced individuals the majority being former UK Special forces professionals who have served in a number of operational theatres and alongside the UK Security Services.  They are highly trained, knowledgeable and resourceful individuals capable of operating in isolation or within a Close Protection Team.


Our services can be provided on a full time, part time or seasonal basis.

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Organisations we’ve worked with

Over the last forty years we have had the privilege of working with/alongside some of the biggest names in the rail and construction sectors.  Below are a handful of those that have provided us with that opportunity:

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