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Balconies and Balustrades

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Balconies and Balustrades

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At Fone Alarm Group we design, fabricate and install high quality balconies made from; galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steel, composite decking, glass and appropriate combinations of the afore mentioned to meet our customers’ requirements.

As highly experienced designers, fabricators & installers of bespoke metal work we are able to deliver our clients a complete range of balcony solutions in a wide variety of finishes.

Our balconies are fabricated from the finest materials by our experienced engineers guaranteeing safety and reliability, making them the obvious choice for both commercial businesses and residential property owners.

We also undertake balcony refurbishment and balustrade replacement projects.

Working to your specifications and design ideas, we will design, fabricate and install your balcony to meet all necessary safety specifications and planning requirements.

At Fone Alarm Group we employ a great team of talented and experienced designers with a reputation for innovation and creativity when it comes to engineering design.  They can help plan and design your products based on the; safety, security, durability and any other quality parameters that you require. Using the latest computer aided design (CAD) technologies we are able to specify the mandatory and recommended parameters for the production and finishing processes that you will require.

Where our clients require it our engineers can also deliver a full installation solution overseen by our own project manager to ensure that the work is completed safely and within the agreed parameters.

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