Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter

A pledge for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) across the UK railway industry.

Signatories to this Charter aspire to be the best in everything they, and collectively the UK railway sector, do and therefore aim to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter reflects the commitment of the UK railway sector, and more precisely, the Railway Industry Association, Women in Rail and signatory companies, to champion equality, diversity and inclusion in the rail industry and to work together to build a more balanced and fair and high performing sector.

Signatory companies recognise that an inclusive workforce is good for business. It brings diversity of thought, innovation, and a positive workforce culture as well as improved customer relationships. Diversity and inclusion are also increasingly important to rail clients and investors.

Signatory companies support social mobility and are committed to creating equal opportunities for everyone. They recognise the role our industry can play in creating opportunities and unlocking talent. They understand that embedding an inclusive culture within their own organisations, and collectively within the UK railway industry, is crucial to unlocking the potential a diverse workforce can offer. It will help develop the next generation of leaders in rail, make our sector a more attractive career, foster innovation and play a substantial role in the creation of a best in class railway sector in the UK.

The Charter:

  • Commits signatory companies to lead by example and make a difference, publicly reporting on their progress.
  • Promotes positive change within the signatory companies and across the railway industry by empowering

and educating leaders, making employees feel comfortable to challenge negative or discriminatory

behaviours in the workplace, and collaborating to share best practice.

  • Commits signatory companies to support the progression of diverse individuals into senior roles, develop the

talent pipeline and improve representation at senior and executive level of the railway industry

  • Recognises that each signatory company will have different starting point and available resources and that

progress will not look the same for every organisation.

Statement for signatory companies – my organisation pledges to promote equality, diversity and inclusion by:

  • Appointing a member of the senior leadership team as an ‘EDI Champion’.
  • Agreeing an action plan and monitoring progress made, including in RIA’s annual reporting to their AGM and

Women in Rail’s annual report. Also, progress to be demonstrated on RIA, Women in Rail, and signatories’


  • Providing opportunities for training and education of employees to help tackle unconscious bias and negative

behaviours within workforces.

  • Creating a culture that fosters inclusion and encourages “quiet voices”, including at industry events and in

meetings for instance, through 360 feedback on senior and executive teams and reverse mentoring, thus

providing a safe space for all employees to talk openly.

  • Making recruitment and progression processes accessible and attractive to all to attract retain and develop

people of all backgrounds, ages, genders and identities.

This Charter is open to all companies in the UK railway sector who wish to play a role in promoting innovation, agility and positive change in our industry. Not all signatory companies will be able to make the same commitments, but all signatory companies will be asked to pledge to collaborate and take actions that promote better equality, diversity and inclusion in UK rail.