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The Fone Alarm Group specialises in electric vehicle charger installation for both electric and hybrid vehicles, residential and commercial, across the UK.

We offer an extensive range of generic and OEM, electric vehicle chargers, all of which are available to our clients and customers.  Our team of consultants will work independently with you to recommend systems that will best suit your needs, requirements and budget.

Unlike petrol or diesel cars, electric cars don’t emit exhaust gasses that contribute to global warming and hence they are an ideal choice for individuals and companies that care about their carbon footprint.  As a member of the Zero Emission Vehicle Alliance, the UK government has pledged that all new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans are set to be banned from sale in 2030 with new hybrids being given a stay of execution until 2035.

Why not let us help power your electric vehicles with our EV charging points. Our installers can ensure you get the right charging point for your electric cars at the time of your choosing – contact us today!

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