Electrical Enclosures

Designed and Configured To Meet Your Requirements

Electrical Enclosures

Ensuring You Have The Correct Product For Your Environment

Electrical Enclosures

With Safety and Security in Mind

Cabinet & Enclosure Installations – Keeping People Safe

Here at Fone Alarm Group we have a huge portfolio of electrical enclosure projects under our belt ranging from consumer units and power distribution boxes to bespoke enclosures.  Our design team is well practised in adapting and configuring enclosure designs to meet the requirements of any indoor or outdoor environment.

We understand that our clients have many differing requirements dependent upon the sector in which they are operating.  Some will need a higher level of security for their enclosures or a higher level of protection against the environment in which they reside.  Others may require enhanced safety features or easier and quicker installation.

There are many factors that need to be fully considered at the design/specification stage and determining the size and material of the enclosure is only the first step in a complex process.

There are numerous other factors that need to be fully considered if the enclosure is to be fit for purpose; environmental impact such as wind, rain, snow, heat, the risk of damage (both accidental and vandalism), impact of pollution, the impact of electrical interference from and to, and more.

With in excess of 40 years experience in the installation of such systems we have the expertise to deliver our clients a bespoke solution for all of their electrical enclosure requirements, through; specification/design, product search/identification, civils – to, install, test & commissioning.

Utilising the latest technologies the Fone Alarm Group can deliver a complete range of service’s including but not limited to:-

  • Consultation service
  • Design/Specification
  • Manufacture or Product search/selection
  • Enclosure configuration
  • Full civils preperation
  • Electrical installation
  • Maintenance/Repair services
  • Project management
  • Repair and replacement services
  • Testing and commissioning

Why not talk to us on: 01737 223673 to see how we can provide for or assist you on your electrical enclosure project, or get in touch using the contact form below.

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    Organisations we’ve worked with

    Over the last forty years we have had the privilege of working with/alongside some of the biggest names in the rail and construction sectors.  Below are a handful of those that have provided us with that opportunity:

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