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Cabling Provision and Management

The importance of providing for a complete cable management system is paramount in ensuring that electrical systems are maintained and safely provided for.

At Fone Alarm Group we have extensive experience in the design and provision of both HV and LV system cabling management systems and our teams of specialists are able to deliver a complete installation service, through groundwork to connectivity, testing and certification.

Alongside cable selection the employment of an appropriate troughing systems is a major factor of consideration. Our specialist engineers are able to offer advice and support as necessary in this area, whether it be internal or external infrastructure.

The need for flexibility when cabling is also of importance and as a result we utilise a variety of systems; pre-formed concrete, GRP, polymer and galvanised steel box/tray.  Our lightweight products have been developed with safety in mind and can be integrated within existing concrete installations or utilised as a stand-alone system.

We also understand the need to protect existing cabling systems from heavy machinery and vehicles, particularly when major works are scheduled, and are able to provide for such protection if required.

If you have a requirement for:

  • A new installations
  • Modification or repair of existing installations
  • The total replacement of existing troughs
  • The employment of a cabling protection system

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Organisations we’ve worked with

Over the last forty years we have had the privilege of working with/alongside some of the biggest names in the rail and construction sectors.  Below are a handful of those that have provided us with that opportunity:

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