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Proudly Supporting Veterans

At the Fone Alarm Group we understand that the transition from military to civilian life can be very challenging. Veterans are not only coming to terms with finding new employment but also having to learn to adapt to a new way of life without the structure and routine provided by the armed forces.

We also understand that our veterans are some of the best trained and applied individuals who have a work ethic second to none, capable of applying themselves to many work situations at a very high standard, no matter the circumstances.

So if you’re a veteran or reservist looking for a new challenge within the rail or construction industries, we want to hear from you, it doesn’t matter when you returned to civilian life. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of life within the armed forces and the rail and construction industries, possessing all of the required accreditations to provide you with the confidence you require in our standards of service and delivery. You can register here online and you will then be contacted by one of our team who will discuss job opportunities with you directly.

If you’re a rail or construction company then this may be your opportunity to hire the best that the United Kingdom has to offer: you may not be aware that veterans have many ‘non tangible skills’ including: Adaptability, Focus, Integrity, Initiative, Leadership, Loyalty, Planning and Team Working amongst others. So if you’re looking to increase or supplement your workforce why not give us a call on: 01737 223 673 or complete our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

Are You a good fit for our team?


Have you served in the Armed forces as either a full time employee or reservist?


Have you learnt to use your initiative, adapt quickly and work as part of a team?


Have you faced and overcome challenges in difficult circumstances?


Are you up for a new challenge where you can put your skills and experience to good use?

Then lets work together ….

If you have ‘ticked all the boxes’ to the questions on the left then we can help you navigate your way through the employment process within the rail and construction sectors.

We can offer advice regarding the opportunities currently available to you based on your existing skill set and make recommendations with regard to any additional training/up-skilling you should consider to enhance your employment prospects.

If you already posess the right skill set alongside the necessary experience we may even have an opportunity waiting for you.

Why not give us a call on: 01737 223673 or register here straight away.

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Contact Us

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FAI Accreditations

Organisations we have worked with:

Over the last forty years we have had the privilege of working with/alongside some of the biggest names in the rail and construction sectors.  Below are a handful of those that have provided us with that opportunity: